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Mouthy Feminatheist

I am woman and phoenix both, but not in a mutanty way

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Name:Mouthy Feminatheist
Birthdate:May 23
Location:New Hampshire, United States of America

Me Me & My Wife My Hamster Me & My Grandmother

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   My name is Coco. I'm married and have a lovely hamster named Scooby. I'm an animal lover, a dog lover, a greyhound lover. I have a couple of tattoos. I love Meryl Streep. I have an undergraduate degree in Linguistics, a graduate degree in Forensic Psychology. I speak French and a bit of Spanish, German, and Norwegian. I'm a writer, an artist, and a maker. I draw and do photography and like to dabble in other media. I love crafting and making jewelry and trying new materials and equipment. I love traveling: I've been to France twice, England, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Canada. I want to travel to Australia, Germany, Norway, Switzerland, and Iceland

   I've been a part of fandom since 2000. As a kid, I mostly watched TVLand and Nick at Nite so my first fandom was Get Smart. I started writing and reading Max/99 fic and that was all it took. My first show that I did fandom things for that was currently airing was CSI and my OTP was Grissom/Catherine so I was introduced to being devastated about fictional characters by CSI. My first femslash ship was Alex/Olivia from Law & Order: SVU. My first OTP from a still-airing show that happened was House/Cuddy from House. After a long hiatus from fic writing during college Miranda/Andy from Devil Wears Prada was the first pairing that drew me back in. Mary McDonnell joining The Closer was a big moment in my fandom experience as Brenda/Sharon has been an OTP for me ever since, I've run the closerficfest and maryficfest multiple times and every year I do a Brenda/Sharon advent calendar.

  It was very hard narrowing all of the topics to a top five but I didn't want to make it even more image heavy than it already is and then on top of that, I honestly consume so much media that it's probably not even possible for me to create a comprehensive list.

Death Becomes Her Doubt The Hours She-Devil The River Wild
  The Post ★ August: Osage County ★ Manchurian Candidate ★ Ricki & The Flash ★ Postcards from the Edge ★ Angels in America ★ Into the Woods ★ A Series of Unfortunate Events ★ and more...

Mary McDonnell Gillian Anderson Sarah Paulson Betty White Wendie Malick
  Jessica Lange ★ Kyra Sedgwick ★ Helen Mirren ★ Lisa Edelstein ★ Sela Ward ★ Marg Helgenberger ★ Amy Sedaris ★ Judi Dench ★ Goldie Hawn ★ Julia Louis Dreyfus ★ Kristin Bell ★ Jameela Jamil ★ Catherine O'Hara ★ Michelle Pfeifer ★ Madeline Kahn ★ Geena Davis ★ Tea Leoni ★ Laura Dern ★ Reese Witherspoon ★ and more...

Clue Double Jeopardy Flypaper Overboard Home on the Range
  Diabolique ★ Hidden Figures ★ Matilda ★ Beetlejuice ★ Anastasia ★ High Anxiety ★ Jurassic Park ★ Jurassic World ★ Home Alone 1 & 2 ★ Wicked Stepmother ★ The Killing Jar ★ Identity ★ Spy ★ Tammy ★ The Banger Sisters ★ The Naked Gun ★ The Naked Gun 2 1/2 ★ The Naked Gun 33 1/3 ★ 8 Femmes ★ The Addams Family ★ The Addams Family Values ★ Psycho ★ The Birds ★ Keeping Mum ★ Batman Returns ★ Fierce Creatures ★ My Old Lady ★ Delirious ★ Only the Lonely ★ Wrongfully Accused ★ Bird on a Wire ★ The Brady Bunch Movie ★ A Very Brady Sequel ★ What About Bob ★ Groundhog Day ★ House Sitter ★ Out of Towners ★ The Rocky Horror Picture Show ★ and more...

Bob's Burgers Golden Girls AHS: Asylum MST3k & Rifftrax Strangers with Candy
  The X-Files ★ Battlestar Galactica ★ Monk ★ Hot in Cleveland ★ GCB ★ Scarecrow & Mrs. King ★ The Closer ★ Murder She Wrote ★ The 4400 ★ The New Adventures of Old Christine ★ Timeless ★ Charlie's Angels ★ Get Smart ★ Three's Company ★ Superstore ★ Miranda (UK) ★ Law & Order: SVU ★ Criminal Minds ★ Law & Order ★ 9-11 ★ Go On ★ Scott & Bailey ★ Black Adder ★ Fawlty Towers ★ Vicar of Dibley ★ $chitts Creek ★ New Tricks ★ Medium ★ Ghost Whisperer ★ Just Shoot Me ★ Cougar Town ★ Last Man on Earth ★ Jessica Jones ★ Wynona Earp ★ Scream, the TV Series ★ Slasher ★ Riverdale ★ The Killing ★ Hoarders ★ How Clean is Your House? ★ Penny Dreadful ★ The Following ★ Elementary ★ Criminal Minds ★ Trial and Error ★ Pretty Little Liars ★ Marcella ★ Cold Justice ★ Forensic Files ★ The New Detectives ★ and more...

(The Closer)
(Modern Family)
(Devil Wears Prada)
  Sister Aloysius/Sister James (Doubt) ★ Gail/Erica, Phil/Carol (Last Man on Earth) ★ Max/99 (Get Smart) ★ Lee/Amanda (Scarecrow & Mrs. King) ★ Gomez/Morticia (Addams Family) ★ Victoria/Joy (Hot in Cleveland) ★ Bill Adama/Laura Roslin, Laura Roslin/Tom Zarek, Ellen Tigh/Laura Roslin, Ellen/Laura/Tom, Helena Cain/Laura Roslin, Lee Adama/Laura Roslin, Joseph Adama/Laura Roslin, Mrs. Adar/Laura Roslin (Battlestar Galactica) ★ Sabrina/Kelly (Charlie's Angels) ★ Jessica Fletcher/Seth Haslett (Murder She Wrote) ★ Rachel/Gill (Scott & Bailey) ★ Lucy/Wyatt, Rufus/Jiya (Timeless) ★ Sharon/Fritz, Brenda/Sharon/Fritz, Sharon/Andrea, Sharon/Mikki, Brenda/Mikki, Sharon/Jackson (The Closer/Major Crimes) ★ Miss Scarlett/Prof. Plum, Miss Scarlett/Wadsworth, Miss Scarlett/Yvette (Clue) ★ Blanche/Dorothy, Blanche/Rose, Rose/Jean (Golden Girls) ★ Abby/Buck (9-11) ★ Jules/Grayson, Jules/Ellie, Ellie/Andy (Cougartown) ★ Eleanor/Chidi, Eleanor/Tahani (The Good Place) ★ Dina/Garrett, Amy/Jonah (Superstore) ★ and more...

Miranda Priestly
(Devil Wears Prada)
Lana Winters
(AHS: Asylum)
Frank Drebin
(Naked Gun Series)
Sharon Raydor
(The Closer/Major Crimes)
Stella Gibson
(The Fall)
  Donna Sheridan (Mamma Mia) ★ Jane Adler (It's Complicated) ★ Sister Aloysius (Doubt) ★ Kay Graham (The Post) ★ Sister Jude (AHS: Asylum) ★ Ellie Torres (Cougartown) ★ Bonnie Plunkett (Mom) ★ Moira Rose, David Rose, Stevie Budd, Jocelyn Schitt (Schitt's Creek) ★ Dana Scully, Fox Mulder, Angela Reyes, Diana Fowler (X-Files) ★ Miranda, Stevie, Penny, Gary (Miranda) ★ Chloe (Don't Trust the Bitch in Apt 23) ★ Eleanor Shellstrop, Chidi Agonye, Tahani Al-Jamil, Janet, Michael (The Good Place) ★ Dina, Amy, Garrett (Superstore) ★ Miss Scarlett, Prof. Plum, Wadsworth, Mrs. White (Clue) ★ Laura Roslin (Battlestar Galactica) ★ and more...
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    Bloody Murder ★ Murder Dictionary ★ Casefile ★ Already Gone ★ Twisted Philly ★ Wine & Crime ★ Martinis & Murder ★ This is Why We Drink ★ True Crime Garage ★ Bone Palace Ballet ★ S'laughter ★ Just Another Murder Podcast ★ Sword & Scale ★ Small Town Murder ★ Queens of Murder ★ and more...   Startalk ★ Mysterious Universe ★ The Story Collider ★ Science Friday ★ Stuff to Blow Your Mind ★ Flash Foward ★ The Atheist Experience ★ The Non-Prophets ★ and more...   You Are Not So Smart ★ Hidden Brain ★ Psychologia ★ Brain Science ★ and more...   Good Job Brain ★ Crybabies ★ Car Talk ★ The Memory Palace ★ and more...   How Did This Get Made ★ Out on the Lanai ★ and more...

Delores Claiborne
by Stephen King
Gerald's Game
by Stephen King
Scarpetta Series
by Patricia Cornwell
by Mary Roach
Series of Unfortunate Events
by Lemony Snicket
  Carrie, The Tommyknockers, Full Dark No Stars, Misery, Lisey's Story by Stephen King ★ The Goosebumps books by R.L. Stein ★ A Series of Unfortunate Events by Lemony Snicket ★ Jurassic Park by Michael Crichton ★ The Witches, Fantastic Mr. Fox, George's Marvelous Medicine, Matilda by Roald Dahl ★ Le Petit Prince/The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry ★ Huis Clos/No Exit by Sartre ★ Waiting for Godot/En Attendant Godot by Samuel Beckett ★ and more...

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